Using new color codes and an innovative approach to the coloring service means a different result is always offered that always reflects the customer’s style.

DEGRADÉ PLANET is not just a technique. It is a vertical coloring method that is combined with a specific cutting technique to offer customised color shades which respect the health and beauty of hair.

Every single section of hair undergoes a targeted treatment to obtain a natural, bright and healthy result.


Volume and Lightness.

Create a highly personalized shape enhancing volumes and adding lightness to hair. The innovative vertical cut is the evolution in geometric hair cutting, doing away with classic rules and creating a new and exclusive look.

No overly sharp lines or stripes which make the cut appear rigid, thanks to the vertical cut, the effect is more natural and harmonious, with loose, lightweight locks, that are easy to manage even without professional styling. The new technique has, in fact, been developed to ensure the cut is easy to manage at home as well; a major plus which means your hair will always be fabulous without it being styled by a professional hair stylist.


The vertical cut technique rewrites the fundamental rules for geometric cuts which are based on standard shapes that can not be easily personalized. By using movements that have been carefully studied, the technique teaches you to work within single strands, allowing you to control their movement and thus, achieve a precise final result in a short time. You can make hair less heavy, create new shapes, alter volumes and tame unruly hair, while maintaining and enhancing the desired length. Thanks to the vertical cut, you can offer a highly personalized service in the salon which interprets the unique features of every customer with a cut that is created specifically for her requirements.

The technique is particularly suited for use with the degradé coloring method thanks to its high degree of personalization and versatility.


Infinite shades of color.

Create a unique color, tailored to your requirements. The Degradé method gives you the tools to enhance the beauty of every woman thanks to its infinite shades.

An exceptionally bright color, with no regrowth, natural shades, the technique brings new life to hair with just one salon appointment. With just one degradé session, you can lighten, darken, color and cover up white hair, create shades and tone, while protecting hair, keeping it healthy and extra shiny.

The coloring evolution.

Degradé revolutionises the traditional coloring method by setting new and innovative standards. Unlike the traditional technique which colors hair horizontally, with degradé, the color is applied vertically, working section by section and thus, creating a more dynamic and natural result which does not create stripes and minimises regrowth. This means you can enjoy the color service for longer, increasing the time between one appointment and another.

Degradé is an authentic technique, not just a simple effect. Unlike classic balayage or shatush which calls for horizontal coloring and the use of the same product all over the hair, degradé is a more complex method which can only be achieved by using different pro- ducts applied on different sections. This translates into an intricate and dynamic color, featuring a single color shade; an exclusive and highly personalized result that can be achieved only on a vertical cut.